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If you were nearly done with a book but couldn’t find your way to finish it, would you start a new project?

Tell us. We are listening.

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Sep 10Liked by Jennifer Lauck

I read this post and the one after it. I have been reading all the posts but haven't responded. Believe it or not, I am ALMOST finished with my book! I'm in revision and editing mode. I never thought I'd get this far. As you remember, I freaked out at one point and stopped -- then worked on a children's book for a while before deciding I needed to face what stopped me -- the abusive situation with my stepfather. I didn't want to write about it or face Then I decided my memoir was more important than fear of the long-ago past. My memoir has changed so much since then and now blends the time when I became a single mom with the stories of the 1960s and 70s in San Francisco. It was a lot of extra work to put it all together, but I think it was worth it. I now have a structured book and I'm happy with it. And I won't stop again, even when those scary memories from the past plague me.

I had another major obstacle this past April when my son's girlfriend (and soulmate) passed away suddenly. It's like, everything stopped. So I can relate to this real situation that's happening with you now. Flipping point of view to the antagonist works so beautifully. It's something most of us wouldn't think of. I am now attempting to figure out how I can do that with a heart wrenching situation and a son who is still very much in grief mode -- I feel the pain right along with him. I can't help it. But I am editing again, because now I feel it's more important than ever for me to finish this book. We don't know how much time we have on this earth. Things can change at any given moment.

Also, when I see that my son writes about his grief and his undying love for his soul mate on Facebook every single day, I'm inspired by his love and his willingness to write and share everything about his grief along with photos of them. He writes one paragraph. My son is brave and strong, though he still suffers. He said he remembered how I told him that we can keep people alive by writing about them and making them characters. That was years ago, but he never forgot it.

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Well Jennifer, first I wish you the best of luck, sending prayers up and good juju your way.

Would I begin a new project ... might be where I'm at ... haven't sold our house and listing expires end of the month. I have not been writing (sad face), not motivated but maybe after fall yard work and hunkering down for the winter (will list again in the spring).

I won't begin a new book ... but I might try a short story ... maybe even submit it ...

I am determined to complete my memoir by getting back into a daily/weekly practice ... but today I am trimming shrubbery, chucking hanging baskets of dead flowers, and mowing for the last time this year. While I wait patiently for motivation to write, I am grateful for fresh air, good health, and a beautiful fall day.

Again, best of luck to you. It sounds like a horrible situation. I admire your 'sticktoitiveness'.

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