Flight School with Jennifer Lauck is a safe place for passionate and devoted writers of all levels to discuss, create, and think about the promises and perils of creative writing.

I aim to write honest, soul-searching, and often surprisingly intimate posts from my retreat in a remote fishing village where I am immersed in nature, grow my own food, purify my own water, make my own bread, all while asking big questions about life, God, and purpose. I post once a week circulating around exclusive Writing Lab posts and prompts, Open Mic 🎤 posts to create community sharing, and Behind the Scenes into my own process and life.

I created Flight School because I know first hand that writing is lonely business, especially when composing our fiction and creative non-fiction in search of human truth. Non-writers often cannot understand what we’re trying to do with words and most want us to finish up and get published. We need a community we can lean into. We need fellows we can trust.

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  • Behind the Scenes posts that give an insider view into my own process and life like this one on a stalker on my land that turned into a teaching on the antagonistic force

  • Comments on work you share as part of the Open Mic, which you can see in this post where I talk to a writer about her struggle with anxiety, and this post where I help a writer get out of his head and into his scene.

  • Some access to the archives.

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  • Full access to the archives to include in-depth teachings on scene and exposition, video teachings with brave subscribers who share their work like this Zoom teaching on a Canadian writer’s new memoir.

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Flight School will help you grow in craft and confidence. Teachings, examples, prompts, discussions. This is a mini-school where you will feel a little less alone and afraid that you’ll never succeed. Here, you will discover that being a true writer means being in a life-long process where working at your craft is what matters most.

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A safe place for passionate and devoted writers of all levels to discuss, create, and think about the promises and perils of creative writing with personal shares and insights along the way.


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